Mad Droids Mint Day and Game Beta Launch!

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3 min readDec 15, 2022

Hello everyone! Today is the day we’ve been looking forward to: It’s MINT DAY!

Mad Droids Devs will be available to whitelist users TODAY and to the general public on Saturday December 17th at the same time on, so be sure to be prepared!

The Mad Droids Game Beta will be released TODAY as well. Those who mint their Dev NFT will be able to access the game immediately!

Mint Details

Number of NFTs: 10,000

Whitelist Mint Date: 15th December 2022, 3PM UTC / 10 AM EST

Whitelist Price: 0.05 ETH

Public Mint Date: 17th December 2022, 3PM UTC / 10 AM EST

Public Price: 0.06 ETH

Is there a max number of Dev NFTs per wallet?

No, there is no limit in the number of Dev NFTs that you can mint per wallet in both the whitelist sale and the public sale. However, there is a limit of Dev NFTs per mint transaction.

Whitelist Sale: 10 per transaction

Public Sale: 20 per transaction

The Whitepaper states “The Developer NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain”. While I understand Polygon is a layer2 for Ethereum, can you please confirm on which network the mint will actually take place? Would it be on Ethereum or Polygon?

The Dev NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain. The Mad Droids Game runs on the Polygon Network. And the beta version that is launched today runs on a Polygon testnet (Mumbai).

Will all rarities be available in this mint?

Yes. All rarities are available for those who mint their Dev NFTs.

When will the NFT art / rarity reveal take place?

Immediately! As opposed to many other collections where the reveal of NFTs is done all at once and it is delayed for a few hours/days, when you mint a Mad Droids Dev NFT, you will know what you got right away.

How will I know how rare my Dev NFT is?

We will make an announcement as soon as we have the first NFT rarity platform set up with our collection. Until then, as a rough guideline you may refer to the rarity of each species:

Game Beta Launch

Now let’s talk about the Beta launch.

Some time ago we launched the Mad Droids Alpha, which was successfully tested by many enthusiastic members of our community. The feedback received was incredible and certainly helped us greatly improve the user experience and many aspects of the game. THANK YOU!

As mentioned above, people who mint their Dev NFT will be able to access the game IMMEDIATELY. However, we remind you that this is a beta version, which runs on a Polygon testnet. We still have the release of the native token of the game pending, and many other features still to be released.

For more details, check out roadmap:

To know how to access the beta please go to this link:

Step by Step Guide How to Mint your Devs NFT and Access the Beta of Mad Droids

Concluding Thoughts

We are very excited about this important milestone for our web3 game as we build the Mad Droids ecosystem. We appreciate you joining us on this journey!

Until then, happy Mad Droids hunting, Devs!

See you all in the Metaverse!



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