Step by Step Guide — How to Mint your Dev NFTs and Access the Beta of Mad Droids Game

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How to Enter

Everyone who owns a Dev NFT will be able to access the game beta immediately! Players just need to download the latest version of the game (iOS or Android).

Note: Before playing the actual mobile game, you MUST follow the steps below on your computer using a desktop MetaMask browser extension.

How To Mint Your Devs NFT!

All Devs will be minted on our official site

Note: The Devs minting can be done from your mobile or your computer. However, selecting the Dev that you will play with and register must be done from your computer. It is something that will soon be updated so that you can do it all from your mobile. We ask for patience regarding this :)

Note: You will mint the Devs first, as it is necessary to create your Mad Droids account. So, please follow the steps in order.

Step by Step to Mint Your Devs

1. The first thing you need to do is to go to this link:

Connect your wallet. If you are not on the right network, you will be prompted to change to the Ethereum network. You are able to mint a maximum of 10 Devs per transaction if you are whitelisted. In the public sale, the max number of Devs that you can mint per transaction will be 20. Make sure you have the necessary ETH to mint your dev!

Whitelisted Price: 0.05 ETH + gas fees

Public Price: 0.06 ETH + gas fees

Click on “Mint”, confirm the interactions with the contract and that’s it, you will have your Dev NFT, which will be revealed immediately.

2. After minting your Devs, you must select one to play with. So, choose the one you like the most and click on “Select To Play”. They all have different abilities! In this beta version, two abilities have been turned on: Catch radius (how close you need to be from the droid to catch it) and Distance View (how far you can see on the map).

3. Once you select your Dev to play with, you will be asked to create an account. You need a Mad Droids account to play, fill in the required fields and register it! Then, you will receive an email to verify your email address. Click on “Verify”.

Note: The username and password are case sensitive. In this beta phase, we do not have a password recovery service. Therefore, please keep your username and password safe.

4. Your account has been created and your first Dev is ready to be used in the game beta!


Since the game is currently in Beta, you need to connect to the Polygon Test Network! Remember, the Devs will be in your wallet (you own them), and allow you to play with them, but the game itself and all interactions with it will be running on a testnet.

Polygon Test Network

  1. To connect to the POLYGON test network, go to the “Add network” option in Metamask.

And add this data in the form:

It should look like this:

2. Then, you will proceed to get test MATIC tokens, which will be used for transactions, minting containers and evolving droids:

Faucet to claim MATIC:

Remember to put the same address you used with ETH.

3. Once you have registered and completed the above steps, you will be able to log in to mint Devs, which are needed to play, and then the Containers, which will be used to capture Mad Droids!

Droid Token Claiming

Note: In this Beta release, all mentions of “Droid Token” should be considered as “Points”, and they have no real world value. The Droid token (Native Token) is still being planned to be released next year, when the game launches in Mainnet. Any “Droid token / points” obtained in this Beta (which runs on testnet) will not be redeemable for actual Droid tokens in the future.

More info on the private and public sale of the Droid Token will be announced!

  1. After creating your Mad Droids account, you will be offered some free Droid Tokens (Points), which will be used to mint containers. Containers allow you to store the droids you catch: 1 container stores 1 droid. Without containers you won’t be able to catch droids.

This popup will appear.

2. When you click on “Claim” the following popup will appear. Wait for the process to end and you will get your first Droid Tokens (points) added to your Mad Droids account.

33. Now, you have 1000 Droid Tokens (Points), which you can use to buy your first Container.

Note: Every time you capture a Droid or burn it, you will receive Droid Tokens (Points) as a reward. To claim these points, go to your account page in your computer and click on “Claim”.

How to Mint Containers

1. As with the previous process, you must access the following link

You will have to switch to the Polygon test network and the process is the same as with the Devs minting. Choose the amount of containers you want to mint (Maximum 10 per transaction), confirm the interactions with the contract and you are ready to capture Mad Droids and save the Metaverse!

Note: It’s important to remember again that this is all Beta, with the exception of the Genesis Dev NFTs, everything you do will be done in Polygon’s testnet! You own your NFT and you can play with it, but the tokens (points) you receive by catching Mad Droids and spending them when minting containers are in the Beta version (on a testnet) and have no real world value.

Part Three

Now that you have everything you need to play, you just need to download the game client!

It is important to clarify that the App does not need connection (For the moment) with your wallet, the connection is made from the website. There you manage your Devs and your Containers, and also (in the future) you will access the Marketplace. Log in with the username and password you created earlier and that’s it!

Now go to this link and download the mobile client. You can play on Android and iOS.

Android: Mobile Mad Droids App — Beta

iOS: iOS Mad Droids — Beta

Hope this guide was of help to you. As always we´ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you in our Discord Server!

See you all in the Metaverse!



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