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4 min readMay 23, 2023


With the release of our Genesis Dev NFT collection, the Mad Droids Game Beta has officially started! We know that there are some doubts regarding the rarity and abilities of each species, so today we will talk about those abilities, as each species has its own very powerful advantages.


Rarity: Common

Human Devs innovated and invented the technology to reprogram droids. They stand out for their personality, and always have creative ways to find droids on the map to capture them.

Their Catch Radius is 25 meters and their View Distance is 150 meters.


Rarity: Special

Mutant Devs’ intellectual capacity has been expanded thanks to a Mutant gene that gives them the ability to solve problems and technological threats with greater precision.

Their Catch Radius is 30 meters and their View Distance is 160 meters.


Rarity: Rare

Ape Devs seem like an involution of the human species, but in the Metaverse, they have a great advantage in terms of vision and insight. Apes have taken over this new reality and in the Mad Droids universe, this is no exception.

Their Catch Radius is 35 meters and their View Distance is 170 meters.


Rarity: Super Rare

Animals at one time were considered the inferior species on Earth, but they have evolved and now possess unique abilities, with their heightened senses making it much easier for them to catch Mad Droids!

Their Catch Radius is 40 meters and their View Distance is 180 meters.


Rarity: Ultra Rare

Zombies are scary looking, but their superior intelligence (which is hard to comprehend) allowed them to create all sorts of gadgets, which they use to catch Mad Droids and reprogram them. They are amazing.

Their Catch Radius is 45 meters and their View Distance is 190 meters.


Rarity: Epic

When a developer mixes the mutant gene with the animal protein or the pill that the zombies use, it can only result in something monstrously powerful. Monster Devs stand out in the whole playground. Luckily, there are only a few.

Their Catch Radius is 50 meters and their View Distance is 200 meters.


Rarity: Legendary

Nobody knows where they come from, probably from a galaxy far, far away. What we do know is that they bring incredible technology, which is beyond our comprehension. Alien Devs see in the Mad Droids a technology never seen before, which they can benefit from.

Their Catch Radius is 55 meters and their View Distance is 210 meters.


Rarity: Unique

Of this strange species, unique in the universe, only 10 Devs are known, there are no more. The little we know is that their abilities are extremely powerful and their technology is incredibly advanced, managing to capture Mad Droids in a very simple way.

Their Catch Radius is 60 meters and their View Distance is 220 meters.

If you already have your Dev NFT and want to play Mad Droids, visit our official Mad Droids website and download the latest version of the game!

See you all in the Metaverse!



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