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Did you think these Developers were limited to the same technology we have now?

For connoisseurs of the NFT world and for those who are just entering this spectacular world, a metaverse land is a digital asset. However, its characteristics and dimensions will depend on the digital universe you choose. In this space, you can do whatever you want, such as build houses, buildings, offer services or even use it for advertising purposes. Mad Droids will also offer this feature, the ability to capture Droids in different parts of the world!

Mad Droids Expansion

Although Mad Droids will not have this feature on launch, early iterations of the game will integrate a limited number of portals (e.g. 2,500), which will be located in different parts of the world. These will be represented by non fungible tokens (NFT) and as we said, will be the equivalent of lands in the game. These portals are where you, as a Dev, can reach new locations. Allowing users to teleport to another city and catch Mad Droids that are in another country.

We know of our users’ concern with impersonation techniques to go to other locations that they would not be able to get to if they did not move physically. These techniques are used in games like Pokémon Go and our opinion on this is what many will find the most logical: We agree with such techniques and that’s why we want to add them to our game. We will let people move between cities. It’s not exactly planned yet, but among the ideas put forward by the development team is to create such portals that players will pass through and be able to travel from New York to London and capture the Mad Droids there or participate in city-exclusive events. However, all of this would come at a price which would be handled in MAD Tokens or DROID Tokens. In order to change locations through the portals the users will have to pay some tokens. All this is linked to Mad Droids Tokenomics, which we talked about a few weeks ago.

Imagine being able to travel to different cities through portals.

Interoperability and Connection Between Worlds NFT

In addition, Mad Droids will create some of their own unique portals that will take players to a world they have never seen before. Some of the toughest droids that are out of this world await you here and you will need some of the best technology and equipment available if you want to make it out alive… and more if you want to capture one of these droids.

Some of these portals may require certain keys or access units which could be in the form of NFTs. Imagine that owning a Bored Ape NFT (BAYC), could grant you access to a magical world of monkeys with Mechanical Droids or ultra-rare Droids only discoverable by owning certain NFTs from our partners. This is one of the ways in which the Mad Droids Universe plans to unite and connect other communities, projects and assets, so that we can all work together to save the Metaverse from the Mad Droids.

In Mad Droids you will be able to use portals to go to amazing places in other worlds of the metaverse.

There are many updates and features that we want to tell you about, for now remember that the Mad Droids Universe will expand even beyond the portals, reaching into other realms of the Metaverse, and exploring real-world co-productions in the form of animated series, comics, toys, and more!

At Mad Droids we don’t stop working! We will soon release our Alpha of the game! and every week we keep giving updates to the community. In our next edition of Droid Talks 🤖 (Next Friday) we will dive deeper into this subject. Don’t forget to send us your questions!

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