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3 min readMay 23, 2023

Hey Devs!

We are excited to announce the Pre-Release Beta version of the Mad Droids Game!

This version brings several new features to the game experience. Some of these are:


One of the most requested features by our community. Now, you can show your skills against Devs from all over the world by catching the highest possible number of Mad Droids and getting to the top of the leaderboard. The leaderboard shows the power of each Dev and the number of Mad Droids caught. Get outside and try to get to one of the top spots!

Droids On Chain

Droids are now NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, that are claimable when playing with a Dev NFT. So you can trade them as you wish. More details on the new OpenSea collection will be provided soon. In the meantime, just catch as many as you can!

Try for Free

That’s right, now everyone can play Mad Droids regardless of their ownership of a Dev NFT. All web2 and web3 users may catch Mad Droids and buy in-game containers with fiat currency seamlessly. But, if you want to own your on-chain droids for trading, you will have to own a Dev NFT.

Translation to Different Languages

Our Spanish and Japanese speaking users can now play Mad Droids in their native language! The game is available in Spanish and Japanese, as well as English.

— -

All these updates are ready to be tested in the latest version of the game. You can get the Android and iOS download link on the Mad Droids website.

More news about the game will be available in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Mad Droids is an ambitious project that seeks to promote the mass adoption of web3 technologies, crypto and NFTs through a fun and social game. Our vision is to create positive change in the world by merging physical and digital realities. Are you up for joining this mission?

See you all in the Metaverse!



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