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Mad Droids
3 min readAug 19, 2022

A great threat is among us, Mad Droids have already started taking over the planet.

These malicious robots are ready to sabotage the new revolution and prevent the world from entering the Metaverse. Fortunately, the most talented developers have come from the future to prevent this from happening — keeping these Portals to the Metaverse open at all costs. This is where you come in…


The Alpha version of Mad Droids is finally here! It’s been quite a journey we’ve been on, with highs and lows, and a prolonged but forward-looking bear market, we now have a date for Mad Droids Alpha version 1.0!

At present, with the continued effort of a committed team, the Mad Droids game experience has reached a playable state overall, although there are still many details to be improved. For this reason, we hope to gradually open it up so that long-awaited and supportive users and partners can participate in its first playable iteration.

1/ Alpha Phase

Launch Date: 31 August 2022

End Date: TBD

Stay tuned to Mad Droids Twitter and join the Mad Droids Discord for the latest event information and times!

2/ How to enter the Alpha Test?

At first only selected people from the current whitelist will be able to join, but little by little we will give access to more Devs.

For people who are not yet on the whitelist and want to participate, we will host a series of events with various partners in Discord and Twitter. Those who participate in these events will have the opportunity to be selected for the Alpha Test eligibility and get a Whitelist spot for the Genesis NFT Dev Collection.

3/ How to enter the Alpha Test game experience?

  • Once you are selected for the Alpha test (you will be notified via discord), you must go to the Wallet Address channel on our Discord and share with us the wallet you will use to enter. We recommend you use a Metamask wallet that is new or has no funds, this is for security reasons only, (remember it is important to always safeguard your assets!). After that, we will be able to sync your wallet and share with you the information, guide you through the registration and gameplay process towards a smooth experience, collect your feedback, etc.
  • When the Alpha Test starts (we will remind you immediately) we will start collecting feedback that you will share with us. You will also have the opportunity to share interesting things that have happened during the Alpha Test on Discord.
  • Of course, after each batch of Alpha Test, we hope you can share some fun experiences with the community. We also welcome users from other communities to join the development of Mad Droids!

4/ How to submit your feedback?

Since this is an Alpha, we need your help. We will have a channel on the Mad Droids Discord dedicated to collecting player feedback and will offer rewards to players who contribute valuable ideas and improvements to the game.

Our team will work with the community to continually improve Mad Droids, taking every user’s feedback seriously and providing updates on the progress of implementing that feedback.

About Mad Droids

Mad Droids is a social play-and-earn ecosystem incorporating AR (Augmented Reality) to create a deep, engaging gaming experience and collaborative outlet for the mainstream adoption of Web3 technology and access to the Metaverse.

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Mad Droids

Mad Droids Universe brings incredible adventures to the real world through AR or XR technology.