An Introduction to Mad Droids Gameplay

Mad Droids
3 min readJun 15, 2023


Do you like augmented reality (AR) games that allow you to create and collect virtual characters? Are you interested in Web3 technology that gives you control and ownership of your data and digital assets? If the answer is yes, then you might want to try Mad Droids, an innovative game that combines both elements. Mad Droids is a Web3 game where players (Developers or “Devs”) search and catch Mad Droids, intelligent robots that live in the real world but are hidden from the human eye. They are only visible through your smartphone. You will be able to customize them, train them and fight against other player’s Mad Droids. You can also trade them with other players thanks to blockchain technology.

How to Play Mad Droids

The Mad Droids gameplay consists of exploring the real world with your smartphone and locating Mad Droids that appear in random places. To catch them you must first weaken them using your Dev skills. Once you catch them, they are added to your collection.

You can find them anywhere in the world! At your home or outside in the street, in parks, shopping malls, office buildings, or even in the outskirts of your town. Just be careful with your surroundings, you should always be aware of where you are standing.

The purpose of catching Mad Droids goes beyond simply collecting them. You will be able to use their parts to improve the Droids you already own, so you can evolve them and make them stronger.

By catching as many Mad Droids as you can, you will also be able to climb the Top Dev rankings and become known to other players from around the world!

What Makes Mad Droids Different

The Mad Droids game can be played after a simple registration process (username and password) within the app, like any other standard web2 game. But, in order to access all of the game’s features, such as customizing your avatar, trading your Mad Droids, participating in special events and getting rewards for completing daily objectives, you will need to connect your web3 wallet, such as MetaMask.

Mad Droids is a game that encourages players to get outside and interact with other players in the real world while catching Droids. It is a fun and original way to live the adventure of being a Dev, exploring the world around you, and getting rewarded for doing so. If you like AR games and want to try a different experience, don’t hesitate to install Mad Droids and start playing today!

Watch a Gameplay Video

Check out this short gameplay video to see how Mad Droids works in action!

If you already have your Dev NFT and want to play Mad Droids, visit our official Mad Droids website and download the latest version of the game!

See you all in the Metaverse!



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